Bau TL 88.45/200
Community of Straßkirchen
"With this vehicle, the building yard is again well equipped and ready for all pending work. We are pleased that the procurement and delivery went well despite the corona pandemic."
(Mayor Christian Hirtreiter)
First aid station "Ambulance"
German Red Cross Zweibrücken
"We want to thank you again very much for the nice conversations and the service. Our station is our pride and joy!"
"Top, the car transporter! "
"A brilliant trailer that comes from you! "
Gala 27.27 / 160 with sheet steel construction 600mm
Michael Schubert
"Great trailer, thank you very much from Bamberg!"
Gala Exclusive
Reinhardt GaLaBau Emleben
Many greetings from Thuringia! The Gala Exclusive is awesome. Thanks for the good business.
Sergej Robert Blum
The Wörmann trailers have already served us well!
Distler Gastro GmbH - Freeze Liner
"We and our customers are very satisfied with the Wörmann trailer because it is very well made and, thanks to the combination refrigeration unit, the trailer can be used flexibly and at the same time serves as a mobile advertising medium."
Rider and blogger Janina Beckmann
Many thanks to the Wörmann team for the friendly advice!
von der Stein GmbH - Euro-Lifter Cargo
"Now we have your trailer for a long time and are very satisfied with it. I actually wanted to send you pictures for a long time. I'm doing this now so that you can see what a cool trailer it has become."
Michael Hertkorn
Allgusto GmbH
We bought a food trailer from you a few months ago. Just wanted to let you know that we are very satisfied so far. In the meantime, the trailer has also got its stickers.
Wörmann GmbH
For 55 years, Wörmann has stood for trailer expertise par excellence. This is also proven by the large number of customers who rely on the Wörmann brand every day.

Wörmann - committed to the good name.
Maler Fauser - Profilader
"The company Maler Fauser from Neckartenzlingen attaches great importance to high-quality equipment and is therefore at the right address for the Wörmann trailer!"
Family Fantoni - Milano Limited
"Care and handling were just great. We felt in good hands!"
Familie Kappel - Milano
"We are very satisfied with our Wörmann trailer, because the price - performance ratio and the service are right!
Especially the fast and good handling we found very good and furthermore we could register and pick up the trailer without any problems in Austria!"

Car Edelschmiede - Conceptcartrailer
"A trailer that is a dream, thanks for the implementation of our wishes! Wörmann absolutely number one in terms of price-performance and quality !!!!!"
Christine Wolfstädter - Jumboliner
"The trailer is just awesome and the only way to ride my three horses at the same time, the saddle compartment is huge and offers plenty of space for saddles and accessories."
Andreas Markfort GaLaBau - Alufan
"Why did you choose a Wörmann trailer?"
"Well, because it offers great quality and service!"
German Red Cross - Special trailer "Mobile petrol station"
Oliver Rühl - Area Director German Red Cross District Association Lower Rhine

"At present your / our special trailer "Mobile petrol station" with 1000 liters of diesel is for 48 hours in real continuous use. The high payload and the construction with the axes set backwards have proven very successful. Even fully loaded, the trailer shows a very good driving dynamics and maneuverability. The special construction and the use tactical benefits is highly appreciated and by many fire brigades closely examined."

Alu-Profi 1325/137 mit Gestell und Plane
"Der Transport von Modellflugzeugen stellt hohe Anforderungen an Flexibilität und Schutz der Modelle. Deshalb kam nur ein Anhänger mit Plane in Frage. Auch die Federung war mir wichtig um die Modelle zu schützen. Der Vollauszug aus Aluminiumprofilen gewährt zudem den leichten Zugang zu den Modellen und der eingebauten Technik. Sämtliches Zubehör lässt sich in Transportkisten unterbringen und so sind auch mehrtägige Wettbewerbe kein Problem. Vielen Dank an das Team von Wörmann, ich wurde stets gut und fair beraten und alles ging sehr schnell von statten!"
Gala Dreiseitenkipper
Leon Riepel - Factum Hausmeisterservice
"Die Marke Wörmann steht für mich für Qualität, Zuverlässigkeit und Langlebigkeit...
Ich werde mir in Zukunft auf jeden Fall noch weitere Anhänger von Wörmann kaufen."
Milano Pferdeanhänger
Jana und ihr Pferd Lauri
"Für mich ist der Wörmann Hänger das 'Non plus ultra',da erviel geräumiger und komfortabler ist als manch anderer Hänger.
Zudem hat er mehr Stauraum in der Sattelkammer, in der mein ganzes Equipment Platz findet."