The huge design department uses state-of-the-art CAD software in 3D to implement future-oriented visions in vehicle construction with every new series. Through creative concepts, continuous and above all careful research and development work with each new model high-quality and practical trailer with sophisticated safety technology and modern design. Before new trailer models for series production are released, material and new technology are subjected to the toughest tests.

The materials used are all selected from the point of view of their associated stress. A low weight, weather and acid resistance, resilience and easy care and maintenance play a major role. Progress through innovation.

Where safety depends on the quality of the material and the technology, the products must meet the strictest standards, exact guidelines and high quality criteria. Precisely for this reason, our producers rely on high-tech. State-of-the-art automated production equipment, such as CNC-controlled systems with automatic feeding, welding robots, etc. are used here with the aim of producing quality at the highest level. That's why you should rely on security when buying trailers and on the 55-year experience of Wörmann.